Surgery Our team of veterinarians is skilled in performing soft tissue surgeries in both pets and livestock. Whether your pet requires a routine procedure such as a spay, neuter, or dental cleaning; or a more advanced surgery such as bladder stone or foreign body removal, tumor excision, biopsy, or cherry eye repair, you can rest assured that your four-legged friend is in capable, experienced, and gentle hands. For pets in need of advanced orthopedic surgery, we work closely with an orthopedic surgeon who will perform the procedure in our own facility in order to keep your pet in familiar surroundings and therefore minimize your pet’s stress.

Anesthesia All surgical procedures, including dental cleanings, require some level of anesthesia. Our team of highly trained and experienced Animal Health Technologists will monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the entire procedure in order to maximize anesthetic safety. Our monitoring equipment gives us moment-by-moment information regarding your pet’s respiration rate, heart rhythm and rate, blood pressure, temperature, and blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. This monitoring equipment alarms immediately if your pet’s parameters are falling outside of the normal range so that we can instantly make adjustments to correct the problem.

Your pet will be monitored continually from the instant that anesthesia is induced to the moment he or she is fully awake and alert. In order to minimize surgical pain, your veterinary team is trained in administering epidural anesthesia as well as local blocks (freezing).